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Thanks to the World Wide Web, staying in touch with classmates is easier than ever! Here are email addresses to some of our classmates, followed by some Manor graduates from other years who’ve visited our site. If you have an email address and you’re not listed here, please email Nancy (Baker) Foster

Email addresses below are in alphabetical order. Married female classmates are listed in order by their maiden name to make finding them easier.

Nancy (Baker) Foster 
Steve Davis 
Lauren (Beth Early) DeRidder **New**
James “Jimmy” Jackson* 
Beth (Gardner) Jones 
Charles Gregg
Bernadette (Harrison) Bennet
Bernadette Renee “Bunny” (Jones) Reed  
Stephen Josie
Leonard Long
Joan (Pearce) Catlin
Joel Scales
Denise Spurrier 
Stephen Whitener
Cindy (Wood) Clark
* Jimmy Jackson now goes by Jaime Jackson.


    From other classes:

From the Class of ’73: 
Wayne Brown
Doryce Moore
From the Class of ’74: 
Deborah L. (Blount) El  
Clifford Clark
Connie (McLellon) White
From the Class of ’75 
Janis Watkins
From the Class of ’76:
Jill (Davenport) Wunderle
Paul Moore
Clayton Rembert
From the Class of ’78: 
Anthony C. Sutton
From the Class of ’79:   
Dianna (Daniels) Ingram
From the Class of ’80:  
Mike Wright  
From the Class of ’81:  
Michelle Sullivan 
From the Class of ’82:  
Tami Evans **New**
Terence Kendrick
Vincent Pugh
Jeffery D. Saunders  **New**
From the Class of ’85:   
Rev. Jonathan Powell
From the Class of ’86:   
Charles “Jeff” Smith  
From the Class of ’90:  
Travis Swinton
From the Class of ’91:
Cleopatra (Hampton) Knudson or  


    Honorary Mustangs:

Many of you (especially the athletes) may remember Mike Harris. While he wasn’t a student at Manor, he helped out many of the coaches. He started out as a bat boy for Coach Morrison in 1975, then started helping Coach Black with the basketball team, from there going on to work with the football team with Coach Beal. He still helps out at the school. Drop Mike a line; he’d love to hear from any Mustangs!
Mike Harris



Other resources:


Terence Kendrick and Mike Harris have a message board set up for all Manor alumni at

You can also go to ClassMates and to see which Manor grads are signed up. If you had friends at other schools, look them up here as well. Check out GradFinder for another way to find old school chums.



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