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In 1972, Manor High School opened as the latest in high school education. Located at 1401 Elmhurst Lane in Portsmouth, Virginia, it was named for the neighborhood surrounding it — Hodges Manor. The school motto was “Doing our best to do better — choice not chance.” Check out the words of our Alma Mater.

This state-of-the-art school included the Little Theater with seating for 300 in the audience, and equipped with full curtains, lighting and dressing rooms. Just around the corner from the theater was a planetarium. Adjoining the schoolís library was a branch of the Portsmouth Public Library, with its own outer entrance. Even the gym floor was a modern development. A pebbled rubber-based flooring was used to reduce injury and provide better traction. In the center of the school was The Square, also called The Commons, where students could sit and socialize or study.

In July 1993, due to a drop in school enrollment, Manor gave up its name and building to Woodrow Wilson High School, originally founded in 1918. To honor the 21 year history of Manor High School, the gymnasium still carries its original name, Manor Field House. Manorís school motto was carried over to the new Wilson. Also remaining after the change is the mighty Manor mascot, the proud Mustang. The new Wilson still carries the nickname Presidents, but its colors changed from the original blue and orange to blue and silver. Totally gone are Manorís colors — red, black and white. What a shame, they were great colors!

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