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Our graduating class was the second to go all four years at Manor. Our principal, Dr. Thomas M. Cherry, came to Manor the same year we started there. A new school, a new principal and a new class. Here are the words to our class song.

Freshman Year
During our freshman year, we saw our award-winning marching band finally move out of blue jeans and sweatshirts to traditional band uniforms. The Drama Club put on four productions, including the full length Blithe Spirit and the one-act play The Necklace, in the Little Theater. Our various sports teams were still young and building. Many had rough seasons this year. On the winning side: The JV basketball team ended the season 11-6. Both our wrestling teams went out winners; the varsity with a 7-5 season and placing fifth in the district tournament, JV doing even better with a 8-1 record. Our stellar cross country track team was undefeated (6-0).

Who could forget trying to adjust to modular scheduling. “Am I in Quest class today or Seminar?” “Is today Day 6 or Day 1?” Trying to memorize a six day schedule with different classes at different times each day was quite a challenge. Some of us got to know Mr. McGriff, Mr. Potter and Mr. Urquhart better than we’d have liked. Nurse Jeffers was there with bandaids and aspirin when we needed her.

Sophomore Year
As a class, we were 432 strong. The Drama Club put on Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians. The mighty Marching Mustangs had another great year, earning more accolades and awards. Our campus hosted the first ever Latin Olympics. Unfortunately, our Latin Club finished fourth place. The varsity Mustang football team had a better year, finishing 6-4, and the JV team had a winning season (4-2). In baseball, the varsity gave us a 7-6 season, with classmate Jerry Waters named MVP. Our tennis team had a fantastic year, ending with a 9-1 record. The golf team also finished winners with a 6-3 record. The girls softball team had their first winning season, ending the year 5-4.

Junior Year
We continued to offer great dramatic productions at Manor. This year, the main performance from the Drama Club was If a Man Answers, a delightful comedy. Our football team had a better year. The Mighty Manor Mustang varsity squad ended the season with an 8-1 record. The wrestling team finished 8-3. The JV baseball team went the year 7-2. Our junior year saw the retirement of Assistant Principal McGriff. It also saw the addition of “Cookieman,” Mr. Cook, our security officer. He sure blended in to the crowd in those polyester leisure suits!! Mrs. Jeffers was replaced by Nurse Kenrich.

Senior Year 
We finally made it through our twelfth year of school!! We graduated 279 seniors in 1977, with a record breaking 47 earning their gold tassels as honor graduates. The varsity basketball team had a winning season, ending with an 11-10 record. The track team took the second place district title. The girls track team did even better with an 5-0 season. At the third annual Virginia Invitational Olympics, our Latin Club ruled taking six of eight events. Our senior year saw the marriage of two popular teachers; Mr. Dussia and the former Miss Muchoney. We honored Dr. Cherry with a week named after him. Another new school nurse, Mrs. Cahoon, joined the staff (did we keep chasing them off?!).

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