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Help us locate some of our alumni. If you have an address, phone number, or email address for any of those listed below, please email them to Cindy (Wood) Clark. Even if youíre not sure the information is still valid, send it anyway. It canít hurt to try. Thanks for the help!

Vanessa Adamson James Gilmore Robert Montgomery
Larry Anderson Maurice Gray Howard Mowry
Lennie Baucom Alonza Harris Richard Plumlee
Michael Bazemore James Hawkes  Carolyn Powell
Jose Boone Karen Hillard Chris Scott
Chris Cannon Donna Hodges Scott Seybold 
Fancy Cilumbrello Harvey Hodges Lydia Suggs
Cathy Conklin Deborah Holloway Geneva Sutton
James Cooper Terri Ingles Angela Townsend
Silvester Cuffee Thomas Johnson Glenda Trower
Karen Currin Wayne Jones Robin Tugwell
Cynthia Daniels Robert Lynn Pamela Walkup
Virginia Eason Robert McLain Avis Wheaton
Kaye Ellis Thomas McLellon Mark Whitt
Lauren Galliard Pamela Mines Karen Wigs 
Charles George Teresa Mines Melody Wilson

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