Logo Design
We started out as a graphic design firm and that remains a major part of our business. While most of our graphic work is creating custom illustrations for our newsletter and website customers, we also still do logo design. To learn about our logo design philosophy, go to our Logo Tips page. Below are a some diverse examples of our logo work. Click on a logo for a larger view.

GetAHealthierLife.comA new business that's both a retail business and, in essence, a franchise opportunity, was looking for a set of logos that would work for aspects of the business. Their name plays off the phrase "get a life", but they've put a more positive spin on it by adding the modifier "healthier" and "wealthier" to each of the names for new websites (currently in development). The logos take that concept one step further, but using a proofer's notation to insert the new word into the phrase. There's continuity between the logos by using the same typeface, but the accent color is changed in each.

Holistic VisionA long-time newsletter client decided she wanted to re-brand her practice, including redoing her logo. It was a bit old fashioned and didn't communicate the current focus of her optometric practice. To play off the word "Holistic", we used a nice spring green and gave it a small leaf. The typeface is feminine, but not too girly. It's lightness and artistic nature give the logo a very aesthetic appeal.

Balmer's Depot Town Big BandThis logo was designed for a new band based in Michigan. The group was just getting going. As you can tell by the band's name, they mostly feature the "Big Band" sound, but they also play more modern tunes, particularly jazz. The band leader wanted a logo that harkened back to the days of Art Deco. And since they're in an old train town, he wanted something that played off that (hence the name of the band). The initial use for the logo was to do band fronts for their music, so it was actually done in white vinyl on the black stands. Eventually they want to do a colorized version for the web and advertising.

Dr. Amannda RichlineThis podiatrist has mostly a female clientele and wanted a feminine logo. We opted for one with graceful curves and a very stylized foot image. The typeface chosen for the doctor's name fits perfectly with the shape of the logo itself, and the colors are very current.

Najjar Car CareThis client was combining several different automotive shops under a single identity. They wanted something using the colors red, white, and blue; and with a modern look, but with a feel for old fashion service.

Master Auto RepairIn 2009, the shop owner re-branded his shops to Master Auto Repair. That meant a new logo. The new image uses a similar color scheme, but with a darker shade of blue. Again a sans serif face was used to give it a modern look.

Jamco UnlimitedThis general contractor was establishing a new business and needed a logo and website. While he specializes in bath and kitchen remodeling jobs, he does everything up to full home construction. As such, he wanted a logo that could encompass that. The wand above the 'roof' is a reflection of his slogan, "Your bath and kitchen magician."

Boyer and SchiltzWe were initially asked to design a logo for a law firm that consisted of two lawyers that specialized in marital and family law. They decided they wanted something that felt like a monogram combining their last name initials, hence the final design of B&S. We opted for a very traditional typeface, but used swash versions for the monogram portion to lend an elegant feel.


Scott E. SchiltzA couple of years later, the partnership was dissolved and one of the lawyers came back to us to create a new logo for his new practice. He wanted to keep with a monogram feel and keep with a similar color scheme, but this time we used a retro typeface for the monogram portion.

Alpine Auto ServiceThis logo is for another automotive client. They were ready for an updated logo that still had a feel of the word "alpine", but with a much more modern and cleaner look. We created these stylized mountains and floated the name over it. The selected font has a modern look and was slightly modified for the logo.

Red Sage Publishing logoRed Sage Publishing is a publisher of women’s sensual fiction. They wanted a logo that was both feminine and elegant; and could also fit on a book spine. We created a simple monogram using the classic Vivante/Vivaldi typeface, and set in a deep red.

Barrington KnightThis custom clothier wanted an elegant and classic logo, leaning towards something heraldic in feel. It also had to be simple enough to be able to work at very small sizes and engraved on wooden hangers.


Ted Fisher ClothierAfter several years, this client decided to rebrand his business, capitalizing on his personal reputation in the industry. Along with the new name, he needed a new logo. This logo’s debut was a big one—New York City residents could see it on huge billboards and banners.

WindRoseWe were approached by a consortium proposing to build a hotel and entertainment complex centered on a classic building built during the Art Nouveau period. This is the logo we designed for the group.

Analytic ArtsAn IT firm was looking for a logo that played off the double A initials in their name. The owner also wanted a technical feel to the logo.

Ted SchofnerThis lawyer wanted a logo that communicated strength, stability, tradition, and trustworthiness. We used a classic column with a protective "roof" over the name.

Seniors in MotionThis company provided more than just transportation to senior citizens. They also stayed with the client on errands and even took them on fun excursions. Their logo needed to appeal to that age group, while communicating the idea of "fun" as well as "transportation."

Suncoast Linux Users GroupThe "sunset on the water" gradation in this users group’s logo illustrates their regional location, along the Gulf coast of Florida. The group’s mascot, Sylvester (below) was very popular with the members, but they needed something more conservative when dealing with vendors and business professionals.

Precision MarketingWhen Quill & Mouse Studios purchased its largest client, one of the first actions was to redesign the logo to make it stronger and more modern. The registration mark in place of the "o" in the name communicates the word "precision" and illustrates the "printing" aspect of the company.

Mortgage in Minutes

We designed three different logos concepts for this company. While they went with one of the others, this one was our personal favorite so we present it here instead.

RimStar LaboratoriesA software development firm, the company needed a logo that communicated the idea of a "rim star" while having a futuristic and clean look. The 'orbit' emblem mimics the slant found in the letters.

DragonHorn Productions
A producer of costumes and accessories for those involved in medieval re-enactment groups, this company wanted a period-style logo.

Linn & AssociatesA financial planning firm, they wanted a logo in the color of money and that communicated the idea of growing wealth.

Joseph Little, Jr.This lawyer was considering several ideas. This example uses a classic monogram.

Fur & Feather Vet Hospital
This veterinary practice logo is an example of representing a company name and service/product with the logo image. It appropriately fits with the practice name.

Graphic Design
Here are just a few examples of our custom graphics work. Click on the thumbnail for a larger view. Much of our graphics work has been done for the web, so visit our CompleteWebShop.com site for more examples.

This photo montage with a superimposed scale was created for a lawyer’s office brochure. His specialty is Workers’ Compensation law so we needed something that would show a variety of work environments along with the legal aspect.


Meet Fontzilla, a font fanatic. This cartoon character was created for a website and is another personal favorite.


Dr. Kingery Christmas newsletter
For Christmas, this client often did something special for their newsletter. For this issue, for instance, they wanted their photos superimposed on ornaments hanging on a tree. As they only wanted spot color printing (versus four color process), we had to create the artwork ourselves.


SLUG mascot -- SylvesterSLUG’s mascot, Sylvester, served as their original logo. The Linux community enjoys a unique sense of humor that Sylvester plays on—the Windows salt shaker is trying to get him, but his super powers prevent his destruction.


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